SB 121 & Tenant Rights


SB 151 had been heralded by proponents as a landmark tenants rights bill for working families across Nevada.  However Nevada REALTORS® (NVR) stressed there would be negative impacts on tenants in the form of higher security deposits and more stringent timelines in leases. Now there are reports across the state that NVR predictions are already coming to fruition. Several property management companies are sending letters to thousands of local renters threatening to remove grace periods that allowed tenants to pay their rent up until the third day of the month. The companies blamed the new bill for the time changes.

SB 151, which was passed by the Nevada Legislature and signed into law by the Governor earlier this year does have some positives. It extended the time renters have to fight back against landlord eviction. It went from four and a half days to seven judicial days.

SB 151 also capped late fees at 5 percent of the monthly rent. It gave tenants 24 hours from the time they were notified of an eviction before having to vacate, and allowed tenants five days after eviction to return and retrieve personal belongings left behind.

Proponents in Clark County say evictions are down since the bill took effect July 1. Statistics pulled from the court show there were 2,075 eviction filings in July, down from 2,704 in June and 2,968 last July. 

However the booming economy and rising rents are placing a strain on seniors with fixed incomes. Nevada’s law allows for “summary evictions” that can be far faster and offer much less recourse for tenants than other states’ laws allow. NVR says the association is looking out for both landlords and tenants. However they would like an acknowledgement that landlords are not always the bad guy.