No Interest No Payment Loan?

Nevada Rural

Home At Last™ turns homeownership dreams into a reality by offering Nevadans a little extra boost. And that little boost can make some BIG things happen for our homebuyers when they tap into the power of down payment assistance … up to $24,000! Our down payment assistance is provided in the form of a 3-year second mortgage that is completely forgiven after living in the home as a primary residence for the first three years. There is NO interest and there are NO payments on the down payment assistance provided. 

Thanks to the Home At Last down payment assistance program we have OUR HOME!  Our dreams are coming one step closer to all we had hoped for. We appreciate all the help in purchasing our home so our new chapter in life could begin. So very blessed to be honored by this program. Words cannot provide the gratitude we have for this opportunity!” – Jeannette in Reno

Let me introduce you to a Home at Last certified lender. What do you have to lose….not much! Robert Stiles, Chase International 877-617-2498 Serving Nevada’s own at Carson Valley.